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Space of 760 X 170 reserved for TopSharewares.

Space of 258 X 735 reserved for your publicity.

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Your Logo and your banner 228 X 130 will be linked and embedded in all TopSharewares freewares !


TopSharewares, since its creation in 1994, develope its own softwares and offers 9 high quality Freewares to more and more users .
The only condition for using these games and amusement programs is to be online .
Each time one of these 8 TopSharewares programs is running, your logo will appear on a url and remains visible until it is leaving.


Intrusive publicity is forced upon an impatient user who end up by fleeing the site
It is often subliminal or zapped
It is costly

It is very often drowned in the troubled waters of the web (Keywords not always respected)
It is sometime associated with spam or viruses

It is expoited by thousands of sites that copy/paste poor quality amusements with flash, it's the 'game online'
The webmaster can't always effectively
control the insertion of its banners

Your publicity will be accepted by a satisfied user of excellent
entertainment at no cost
It will become part of background of the daily user
It will seen for many hours a month

It will be directed foward a user relaxed by game playing
The cost is very reasonable

It is based on a new concept with high quality games, it's 'online in game'

The webmaster will be able to control, in real time, the hours during the day when publicity will be seen
TopSharewares games are geared to create an atmosphere friendly to accepting your publicity


Monthly cost
Your Logo 32 X 32 and your banner
228 X 130 : 15

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Your Logo 128 X 32 and your banner
228 X 130: 60 €

Your Logo 192 X 32 and your banner 228 X 130: 90 €

Your Logo 64 X 64 and your banner
228 X 1303 : 60 €

Your Logo 128 X 64 and your banner 228 X 130: 120 €

Your Logo 192 X 64 and your banner
228 X 130: 180 €

Your Logo 256 X 64 and your banner 228 X 130: 240 €